An attempt to update

I say attempt because I feel mentally incapable of doing a good job.  But still feel the urge to try.  So what else has gone on.  Well my knowledge of Volunteers in the DR has expanded this weekend at Construye Tus Suenos.  That is a program spearheaded by the CED program to teach a course on business skills for jovenes (15-30) and have them prepare business plans and if selected compete for funding.  Its energetic and busy.

Before that we did a networking practicum were we wandered around Santiago for a morning and cold called places like the Ministry of Tourism and Red Cross.  It went surprisingly well with me plotting out the places before hand and Dominicans being welcoming as always.

The day before Ashley and I did an interview at a Vocational School in Sanitago and after that we were allowed to make our way back to the campo.  We decided to walk through an open market to check it out.  We are going down this street we think it is on and all we see is a lettuce explosion.  I did not have a camera so I will try to explain it to you.  There was smashed ruffage leaves all over the street, so smashed juices were leaking out.  A truck were the lettuce apparently came from and people shoveling the wreckage into the back of it.  This was at least a block of an explosion.  We thought maybe we just want to get back to the part of town we know.  But going one street over, we found the actual market.  Apparently our directions were just a bit off.

Tomorrow, we today at this point, CBT will be over. Tuesday I visit my site and meet my project partner.  We gave our last charla to the jovenes on Friday after coming back to Santo Domingo.  We saw the youth trainees today, which was just fun.  And in 9 hours or so our last technical test.  Crazy how the time goes.

Once again, feel free to write me. I leave you with a picture taken before CBT because James on the left cracks me up with his pose.  The back is Caleb, Jeff, Dustin, and front James, Jenna, Kate, Danny.

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