Old Macdonald Had a Farm

So although my life does feel pretty rocking right now I want to point out it is not only beautiful vistas and mango.   We are also hard at work practicing our Spanish and learning technical skills.  We had the opportunity to give a presentation to our peers.  Although I did not feel qualified at first and it was not mandatory after seeing the others go I felt like a slacker and also it would not be bad to have more to occupy my time.  There are no telenovelas in my house in the campo, so that means I have been going through even more books.  I am reading Yo! in Spanish which takes longer, but that is only when I can set myself up with a dictionary.  I thought I would include some pictures of the more mundane aspects of my life.  Actually some aren’t mundane, just not as pretty as mountains to me.

First I will show you the house I live in with just my Dona.  Maria Dulce is a wonderful dona.  To attest to this I would point out that she would serve me scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes ever night if I did not overcome that wonderful offer with the point that I don’t think every night is a varied enough diet.  She always tells me I eat nothing or a little.  I got the two arguments for this.  I have lived alone and fed myself and look no estoy muerta (I am not dead) and the more frequent one is I have not changed weight and if I gained weight my clothes would not fit and I would have to buy all new clothes, and I don’t have the money for that.  Both are delivered to make her laugh and work.

Another way she is a great dona is in the cleaning of my cloths.  We went on a muddy hike up a mountain on Tuesday and I was planning to clean the mud off my shoes on Thursday when I go to grab them they have been cleaned to look brand new.  I feel she caters to me so much more than my parents when I was 15.  Although my parents had the right idea at the time, it is nice to have some perks for having rice and beans every lunch.  Not bad, just monotonous.

Let’s now discuss Spanish class.  We have Spanish class on the carport of Milfred’s (my Spanish teacher) dona’s house’s carport.  I did it that way because I miss the easy use of apostrophes.  I will compare to the other class’s location to begin with by saying theirs is in a peaceful gazebo and ours is in the middle of a menagerie.  There are the fighting cocks being raised (more than 10) and anyone who has been in the country knows that it is an outright lie that roosters crow only at dawn.  I will point out at 11 am as I am writing this one just repeatedly crowed.  Then there are the pigs, and a few I have fear of considering that they have to weigh more than I do.  Sometimes we get a chorus from them.  There are 5 dogs of varying size roaming around, although only rarely do any of them bark.  And to top it off some very mean geese.  Also sometimes there is the smell of smoke to deal with for 3 hours.  We do fine with it, I just wanted to be honest.

As I said before we also have technical classes and field trips.  I’ll discuss those later, cause I’m a tired of typing.

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  1. Melissa Reynolds said:

    Hi! It’s Melissa from the Thursday knitting group! Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun In the Dominican Republic! Your haircut looks great too!
    Have fun and be safe!

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