Success with the first spanish haircut!

Disclamer, this was written a few weeks ago.

So I went to the salon this weekend.  There is one in my community I can go to, which is good because I can use my visit as a time to build confianza.  Why do I need to build confianza, because sometime in the next three weeks and change I have to complete 3 interviews with microbusiness owners about their businesses and practices.  I still think the asking about family spending habits of my host family after two weeks and change was worse.  Of course my host family took it fine, I felt more okay about it when I realized the volunteer in the last fall cycle before mine was CED as well so they probably had done it before.

Anyway why did I need to build up nerve before going to the salon.  Well last time I had a hair cut in English it did not turn out the way I asked.  I just wanted the back cleaned up to allow it to grow out with more form. Instead I got a hair cut of a 5 year old boy and boy was it short.  I grew to be okay with it, but those first couple days I constantly was covering my head in shame.  Of course my friends who saw me shortly after and called me Ashton, did not help.  And that was in English with me thinking I had completely explained myself.  So Spanish when I have not mastered saying centimeters made me nervous. But my hair was getting a little unruly as you can see with my strange expression on my face.

Oh course as with all things (laundry for such), I had to wait for luz.  This weekend was the point where my bangs were really getting on my nerves.  There was no luz when I was planning to go on Saturday.  As I’m sitting out with my dona I am telling her that I will give it 2 weeks, but after that I may just cut them myself.  Then I tell her about the time when I was around 12 or so and the last time I let my dad cut my hair.  Him being like, hmm its not quite straight let me fix that and me ending up with less than an inch of hair.  How trying that was for me.  Never again did he come near my hair with scissors.

So I just said the front and the back and for some form.  I have not gotten my hair cut since may and people still find it short, so I think you can imagine how afraid I was of a reoccurrence of the previous cut.  It turns out I cannot pronounce the Spanish word for centimeters, but I can demonstrate how much visually.  My Dona told me to tell them “Maria Ducle me ponga bien bonita.” I did not, but she was satisfied with the results.  After a little of the sides was suggested and I acquiesced, I asked how much.  I was told nothing, I said a little something, and then she goes to have her daughter translate for me and I have to say I understand I just wanted to give her something.  But no it was free, which I cannot complain about.

When the hairdresser visited last night, she was impressed with my buenas noches, apparently my Spanish was terrible during the haircutting.  I think part was nerves over too much being cut.


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