Un poco mas informacion

A entry written ahead of schedule to cover some more information, but delayed to buy more time before the next one.  The soundtrack is still Prince Royce.  It’s bachata, a music style that satisfies the alternative 90s music lover in me.  I bring that up because of a comment my friend Matt made about listening to the Gin Blossoms and I being the one he needs to share it with because I am the biggest lover of 90’s alt music he knows.  Well I will not deny it that sometimes I just want some Sister Hazel or Gin Blossoms.  Of course at other times I want Queen or Springsteen, or some Frightened Rabbit.

So I have a new mom now that I am in the campo.  My mom in the campo is Dona Maria Dulce.  It’s just me and her in the house for sleeping, much quieter.  She is darling and in her 70s.  She apparently thought I was 20, I corrected that. She runs a vivero and also sells cloths shipped from the States from her home. I was eyeing a jean skirt but failed to be proactive enough and now my chance may be gone. It’s good because it gave me the opportunity to use a saying/refrain I had to research a few weeks ago. El camaron que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente. Update today the skirt was returned so I now own a jean skirt that is a little more decent than the one I left in the states.

The luz seems to be on a cycle here, so you can more plan on when it is likely to be out.  Most homes have investors, so its not as dire when the luz it out. Our house has running water, but this is actually a downfall for me.  Let me explain that it is as promised cooler in the raised elevation (at least at night, I have a comforter for sleeping).  The water may run, but it is not heated.  Therefore every morning I debate in my bed if I really need to shower (I always do give it).  If it was a bucket I would just toss it over my head, but with a shower head I have to force myself under it.  Easier to convince my hand to toss the water than to stick each part under the cold stream.

I have already had some interesting conversations with Maria Dulce that have amounted to yes I am a little different, my mom calls me special.  When she tells me I did not eat enough, yes I did, I am an adult, I have prepared my own food for years, and look I am not dead.  I am trying to push my boundaries with food, but there are stumbling block like the fact that I don’t need approximately a pound of food for lunch.

The community is centered around the main asphalt road and for our community diagnostic, Ashley, Dana, and I have already walked it enough to wear it out.  During these walks we try to keep a balance between being friendly and not responding to piropos (this translates as compliment, but resembles catcalls).  I don’t know why they think I love you in English will be appreciated. One guy who speaks to me in English I finally responded to.  He was going to talk to me anyways.  Yesterday morning he asked if I had a boyfriend in New York.  I have not planned on saying I have a boyfriend, but in this case I said “Of course I do, what would make you think I did not?” When I mentioned this to one of the volunteers who led a charla today, he said you failed in one of the key principles of the Peace Core sharing the culture of the US in that there is more than New York.  I think I replied that at that moment my aim was more to desist with the question than to educate, yes it was a failure on my part.  The boyfriend or marriage thing comes up a lot.  I have already been asked it so many times.  In my first night with my Santo Domingo family, each of my teenage sisters and mom asked me separately.  When I went to a wedding, a conversation with one of the family friends went like this:

Him: Are you married?

Me: No

Him: Do you have a boyfriend? Are you engaged?

Me: No, no I am not.

Him: Are you single?

Me: Yes

Him: Were you married?

Me: No

The conversation went on to ask me about where I was from and how I like the food, it turns out he had made one of the dishes. But since that was in the first 2 weeks, I know I will be getting it again.  The best I hear is when you say yes in the states, and the person responds with well that’s there.

So life is more tranquil here.  I do miss my Santo Domingo family.  I have to call my sister Marianny, but don’t feel up to a Spanish conversation on the phone with her.  I did not get a chance to tell Maridalia that watching her quincenera video helped me rock that part of the Spanish competency (it was noted I talked about it with a lot of detail).  As of tomorrow I will have complete my first CBT exam and today our presentation worked well.  Dana apparently doesn’t feel that the time is going to go like nothing.  When I look it out the middle October seems like a long time and sometimes the days feel long, but still I have now been in the campo for a week already.

I’ll leave you with this picture.

  1. Steph Decker said:

    So what does “El camaron que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente” mean?

    • artsyashley said:

      The refrain means that if you take to long deciding the opportunity may be decided for you with it no longer being an option. Marianny enjoyed giving me the example in spanish of a guy asking you to be his girlfirend and you hemming and hawing and another girl getting him, so when you realize you did want to be his girlfriend it was not longer possible.

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