So I thought next to share how my first interview went with the APCD and PCVL.  The APCD is the CED Program director for the DR, and the PCVL is a 3rd year volunteer who extended to work with the APCD in overseeing placements and projects.  My approximate responses in

This interview was to help get an idea where I would be a good match.  We discussed things like which group I think I would like to work.  That is hard since many of the groups I don’t know exactly what it would entail, but with my background I relate to artisans.  Where would I like to live, well I don’t really want extremely urban or extremely rural, but the project matters more. I can see you prefer structured to unstructured. Well I just feel I would function better there, it would play more to my strengths.  I like order.  And for some reason. I know I prefer order but it is just a preference and one of my friends has joked that I am OCD and I am not because I am not compulsive and I just prefer things a certain way, it never stops me from functioning.  To that I got the response that she could tell I was analytical.  I think that was just something I had to agree with.

I talked a little about my work with GYAN, my time as Co Chair for the Academic Celebration at Mercyhurst College, and my various jobs.  I was told I was well rounded.  We will have another interview further into CBT (Community Based Training) and I will have a better idea of what the different sectors actually entail.  But they may have made a preliminary decision.

So it is time for another trip.  I will share a picture from last night of me and Kali.


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