Another change

So my computer always loses the battle for getting on the internet at the training center.  That is why the updates have been lacking.  Plus it has been a whirlwind of activities.  Tour of the colonial zone, a wedding, a volunteer visit, and sleeping.  I like my sleep.

So the next 5 or so weeks will probably about the same.  We as business volunteers (community economic development) are going higher.  This should translate into a slightly cooler area.  I can handle the heat, but when the luz is out and the fan is not working, sleeping can be hard.

So far we have gone over culture, safety, history, and creepy crawlies.  I clearly have left out alot.  I would say the time in the mountain, as I will be calling it, will be more focused on the business technical stuff.  It will be great.

Have I mentioned that our group is only 6 and my name makes up 1/3 of the names.  The only repeated name in the group of 32.  The other two training groups are youth and health.

I finally got out of the capital for my volunteer visit, and it felt good to be out of the city.  It also felt good to go to a beach.  The water was warm and not terribly cloudy.  Here is a picture of the sunrise in San Rafeal.


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