Mi familia

Perhaps you have been wondering about where I have been sleeping. If not I’m going over my living arrangements now, so you can skip this or suddenly become interested.

Last Thursday we were sent home after one night in a convent with our host moms. First was put on a little skit about what we can expect.  Let me give a brief highlight: telenovelas, bucket toilet and shower, a sharing nature, being protective and affections, and being loud.

I of course was nervous, this would be were I would be living for a few weeks, then a few weeks in Community Based Training, and  a week or so more before I become an actual volunteer.

My host mom’s name is Carmen.  She lives near Caleb’s, Dustin’s, and Amanda’s host moms.  Those are Caleb’s mom is the mother of Dustin’s and Amanda’s, which is quite interesting because sometimes they are all sent to her house to eat.  Carmen’s husband is Fernando, and her daughters ar Marianny, Mariadalia, and Yanilys.  I think Marianny is 18 or 19, she wants to go to college but is not currently in school.  She would like to work with a tax bureau or such.  Mariadalia is 17 and loves weddings and such beautiful things.  They are both quite emphatic when speaking sometimes and I find them delightful.

Typically I see at least one telenovela a night.  My favorite is Ninas Mal, but Truinfo del Destino is growing on me now that I know more of the back story.

In the house there is a battery for when the electricity goes out (la luz se fue), so we never are in complete darkness.  When the electricity came back on last night Marianny exclaimed Llegó!  It was great because then the fan in my room worked.

My room is a nice size with space and I have a lock for when I leave, the only thing is there is no window, so I have no sense of time when I wake up.  For those unaware, since I had the power to decide, I have slept with the shades up or curtains open.  I love the sun in the morning.  Also this means when the fan is not working, the air is stagnant

Well since I have already talked about the electricity, you may be wondering about water.  To put it simply I have grown to enjoy a bucket shower and the conservation of water.  Bucket flushing, I still need some practice with.  Sometimes it goes very well, and others so many attempts it is embarrassing.

To finish this up, my Spanish is not as good as it once was, that is what years of barely using can do to me. But it is coming back and Marianny loves to correct me.  It amuses her and I love to amuse.  She is not mean about it, just sometimes there is attitude about my incorrectness.  Something several of us learned last night was they don’t use quarter as a part of time here.  I was telling Carmen that I would be leaving at 7:15 and she just repeated back to me using quince.   Marianny on the other hand said Que es cuarto, que significa.  And may have repeated it a few times.  So I respond with is is one of four, like a half.  Then this evening she is cutting limes and asked me if I knew what the fruit was called, so I say yes, limes.  No es un limon, una lima es mas grande.  That is no it was a lemon, limes are much bigger.  Then I try to debate with her that limes are green and lemons are yellow at least in the US and aren’t the different color ones, different flavors.  Apparently if I understand right, a grapefruit is a lime to them.  I just don’t know.  I do know she enjoyed telling me I was wrong.

Well I believe that gives a good first overview.  And in two weeks I will be with a different family for community based training north in the country.

  1. Kristen said:

    Ashley, My good friend works for the Licey Tigres. If you go to any games this fall, maybe you can meet her! Or I can connect you somehow. She’s super nice.

  2. Tina said:


    Sounds as though you are acclimating pretty well! Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your new surrounding and how you’re adapting. You sound like you have the perfect attitude for this experience. Very happy for you!

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