I imagine anyone who has eaten several meals with me in a row, grew up with me, or went to camp with me is wondering how I am doing with the food.  I will point out I did not bring any peanut butter.

For those not in the above categories, I will tell you I was a very picky eater as a child.  I am still a picky eater as an adult, just a lesser degree.  There are certain flavors that I abhor and have to force myself to swallow.  However, as I have matured I have become better about at least trying something before deciding I would not eat it.

I think I have basically tried every food placed in front of me except the green beans, because I could not think of what could be done to green beans to make them palatable for me.  I will not say that I enjoyed everything to the same degree, but I am fine with the staple arroz con algo.  I say that because it will be rice with beans, rice with chick, rice with pork.   I was very happy when on Friday morning I got served grilled cheese for breakfast.

One problem I have had is the late time for dinner, because of events on Friday night dinner was not until 8:45 pm, with lunch at the training center having been at noon.  By then part of my stomach has given up on receiving food and I cannot eat what I may have eaten at 6 pm.

Now that I know around when my next meal is coming I can eat accordingly. (Through my own bad planning I failed to eat anything on the Tuesday I reported to staging until 7 pm.) However my host mom has learned that I have a smaller appetite then the food she was offering.  I hope we are on the same page, I want to eat what she provides me, but rarely is a full plate of around 1.5 inches in height, my desired meal size.

Oh and anyone who has heard me say I prefer my food not touching, I am just accepting that will not be life.  I try to see it as a presentation.

So the verdict is I will not starve, latter when I have a greater grasp on what I am eating (I know plantains appear in many forms) I will share more about the exact food for those interested.

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  1. Hannah said:

    are you already out in the Campo? or in Santo Domingo. Try Villar Hermanos bakery (in gazcue) if you’re in SD. You rule!

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