Here I am

Here I am in my childhood room in my parents house in Southeast Pennsylvannia procrastinating packing.  Just for 10 minutes of so, but really considering I have a busy schedule, I should get on with it.

Well I did promise friends I would set this up.  Plus I have a list of what is being packed (of course I do, lists are so helpful.)

I have known since February when and where I am going.  I am officially part of the Peace corps system by 12:30 Tuesday the 16th (and then back in possession of my passport) and flying to a new country on the 17th.  Yet somehow, 6 months has gone by and I am down to 4 days.

Well best get on with it.  Must pack so I can go and actually find out more details about what I will be doing.

  1. Anyel said:

    hey Ashley, I jut came across with your blog, this is Anyel or (Romel as my family calls me) we didn’t say good by to each other, how are you?

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